Group 4 was retiring in the 70s and Lancia had a tough job at hand – replacing the legendary Stratos with a similar or better machine. The older regulations were replaced by Group B and there was some serious competition brewing in this genre. Lancia designed and launched an all-new rally car with upgraded specs in 1980. It was named Lancia 037, after the code name of the project and was a completely revamped machine inside out. Although 037 could not achieve the greatness of its predecessors, Fulvia and Stratos, but won many accolades and was the last rear-wheel-drive car to win the World Rally Championship.



Pininfarina, an Italian auto design marquee along with the Abarth group of Fiat took the job of designing the Lancia 037. The car was based on Lancia Montecarlo, but only used the chassis of that vehicle. The main man behind the design was the director and engineer Sergio Limone. A special tube frame was fitted to the tub, for mounting the newly designed double A-arm independent suspension system and a body frame made of Kevlar composite. The Lancia 037 even had a completely new engine and transmission system, along with the interior design and layout. Lancia 037 was the first rally car to be built from scratch and completely designed as a new product.


Lancia 037 flaunted a trendy 2 door coupe style based on customized Montecarlo’s frame and special body panels. This structure was made of Polyester resin reinforced with flame retardant and glass fiber to increase stiffness and restrict weight to 960 Kgs.


Lancia 037 had a Lampredi 2.0 L I4 supercharged engine in a mid-mounted layout, coupled to a ZF 5-speed manual gearbox and was a rear-wheel drive. The engine produced up to 325 horsepower and 167 lb-ft torque that could launch the 037 from 0 to 62 mph in under 5 seconds, with a top speed of 140 mph.


Lancia 037 had a very short career in the Group B rally championship due to better competitors and short-lived competition, because of multiple accidents.

  • 037 won the Manufacturer’s World Championship in 1983.
  • Lancia won the Pace Rally, UK in 1982.
  • It was also victorious in World Rally Championship Constructor’s Title in 1983.
  • A special Lancia 037 Evolution 2 Won the Tour De Corse in 1984.
  • Lancia 037 also won the 1984 Falperra International Hill Climb competition.